Arusha National Park is the beautiful Park has often been called a “little germ” and rightly so. It is only ½ an hour by tarmac road from Arusha town, the safari center of Northern Tanzania. With mountains, valleys, lakes, and small plains clothed in green, it has a wonderful feeling of peace and solitude. It is dominated by Mount Meru, which at 4,566 m (14,980 ft) is the 5rd highest free standing mountain in Africa. 


This second highest mountain in Tanzania offers unforgettable experience and serves as acclimatization refuge before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Made up of three vast areas being Momela Lakes, Mt.Meru and Ngurdoto Crater, Arusha National Park is the closest park to Arusha town and Kilimanjaro International Airport. Its not popular to most of travelers as they do rush to the most known parks in the Northern Circuit. It provides tourists with amazing experiences which includes a short game drive, a walking tour, Canoe Safari and a trekking to Mt.Meru.

Arusha National Park is made up for three vast areas: Momela Lake, Mt. Meru and Ngurdoto Crater. The best way to explore Momela Lakes is to jump into a canoe. The Ngurdoto Crater is encircled by forests, you go walk their or take a vehicle. Mt. Meru is a combination of luscious forests and rocks of all kind.

Animals like waterbuck, shy bushbuck, reedbuck. In the depths of the park’s dense forests, you’ll

When the weather is clear, you can see stunning views of Mt. Meru, the continent’s 5th highest peak. You’ll even be able to see Kilimanjaro which is only 50 km away from the park.