Make sure you pack personal medications in your hand luggage to ensure you are not separated from vital medicine that you take regularly. Keep medicines in its’ original packaging (showing instructions) to illustrate authenticity. You can go one step further and have a duplicate set in your main luggage to ensure you are covered. This should include Malaria prophylactics and any personal prescriptions.

 Please ensure that you advise your Doctor or General Practitioner back home of your travel arrangements, especially if you follow any specific medical protocols, suffer from threatening allergies, or need any vaccinations (that may include yellow fever, tetanus etc). This will ensure your peace of mind and safety.

 Regulations now dictate that you bring all your medication, including even the simplest items, such as headache tablets and ointments to ensure you do not have a reaction to an unknown brand etc. Simple First Aid Kits are provided in all our safari vehicles, including bandages/supports, plasters, sterile swabs, and basic antihistamine cream – however, please bring your preferred oral medication.

 Let Face of Africa Adventure know of any food allergies or such like (allergy to bees etc) in advance, so we can assist you as much as possible – however, we cannot accept liability and ask that you check these details at every outlet during your safari.

 We are here to help and ensure your safari with us is trouble-free, so please read our page concerning food allergies, vegan & vegetarian cuisine. Take all these concerns into consideration when planning your safari or beach break of a lifetime, with us.