We at Face of Africa Adventures know how important food/cuisine standards are to you.

Our part of Africa produces beautiful, tropical fruits as well as a huge variety of vegetables. Click the link below for details on Vegan & Vegetarian choices:

Many clients voice concern about what is and is not safe to eat here.

Firstly, be assured that most food products in Tanzania are wholesome and ‘clean.’ We use the terminology ‘clean’ because we know that healthy practises cleaning and the storing of food is vital. Most lodges and permanent camps follow the protocol set up by the government’s Health & Safety Department, clearly stipulating storage, food preparation and cooking methods. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have been providing food for the international palate since the mid-1950s. Emphasis is on wholesome, fresh supplies – and a huge variety of choices and tastes. Most safari lodges and permanent camps provide full board, including:

 A full English or Continental Breakfast (check your itinerary)

 A buffet-style lunch including soup, salads, cold meats and other complimenting dishes and a desert

 Dinner is usually 3 courses and includes hot soup, a meat or vegetarian main course, rice/potato and a selection of vegetables, and dessert. The food is always fresh and wholesome, with a larger selection offered at luxury outlets. It must be said that whatever star of accommodation suits you, East Africa is famous for its varied and delicious cuisine.

In addition to beautifully baked fresh bread and desserts, East Africa is also renowned for its delicious dishes evolved around locally grown vegetables (and excellent meat for you carnivores). East Africa is also famous for its extensive Indian Cuisine (whether you love ‘HOT’ food or delicate spices) and the variety of Indian dishes is superb, and commonly offered as a choice.

Tanzania and Kenya also have a wonderful variety of seafood recipes tried and tested over many years.

If you have any allergies, please ensure that you inform us at the time of your booking, so we can ensure the necessary precautions and put in place.