Thorough protection is for anybody going to any African Safari so far as that is concerned. These experiences of a lifetime go with their related dangers, for example wild creatures, testing scene and street conditions, and poor general flourishing associations, so taking out movement and remedial protection like Travel Insurance that will cover express district related helpful crises or unforeseen scenes is the most secure and most supported technique.

Preceding leaving on an African Safaris, voyagers should ensure they have thorough medicinal spread for express exercises they may catch the chance to share in while away. For instance, bush walking, beguilement seeing, horseback riding, touring expanding, and so on. One ought to be verified for any scenes identifying with wild creatures and ought to have authorisation for a remedial clearing, so the significant measures can be taken in a crisis in a remote zone. Taking out protection to ensure money, camera mechanical assembly, and stuff is also fitting, and should fall under sweeping spread. It is suggested that before take-off, explorers have a duplicate of their remedial and Travel Insurance or protection frameworks and a crisis telephone number to call with the target that this data is accessible when solitary voyagers, guides, stop staff, or crisis work power may require it.

Travelling around the African Safaris is a thrilling experience. However, no matter how precisely Face Of Africa Adventures plan our trip, but for some extra protection Travel Insurance is best option.


 Medical & Emergency Evacuation Policy Insurance: is essential. Arrange full evacuation and medical travel insurance at the time of confirming your safari through your preferred insurer in your country of origin – or investigate the best ‘Travel Insurance’ options online and, have a policy in place before you begin your holiday/safari.

 If you intend to climb Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru (or any of the other exciting mountains in East Africa), or participate in water skiing, paragliding/parasailing, boating, scuba diving/snorkelling, guided bush walks, horse riding or a balloon safari (to mention but a few) – please inform your ‘Medical & Emergency Evacuation Policy Insurers’ of these additional activities and ensure that you are fully covered. Your preferred Travel Insurers are best suited to advise you on the right policy for you.

 Pack a duplicate of your remedial and travel insurance or protection frameworks and ‘crisis telephone numbers’ to call so solitary voyagers, rescuers, guides, stop staff, or crisis agencies can access it easily.

 Also ask us about AMREF ‘Flying Doctors’ service available to you.